Thursday, April 7, 2016

See The Barkley Marathons, the Race that Eats it's Young. Review courtesy of GoDaddy coupon CJCSIGLERP

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This is the craziest race, and the coolest documentary. I don't want to spoil too much, but just trust me that this isn't the Boston Marathon by any stretch.

My spoiler free review:
Oh my goodness this race!  I have no idea why you'd enter, no idea why they put it on, and really no idea how sane the entry "fees" are (other than the $1.50 registration fee, which I know is bonkers.)

The short:
A famous prison escape sparks the idea for a cult-like race that has seen only 10 finishers in its first 25 years. This award-winning, oddly inspiring, and wildly funny documentary reveals the sports world’s most guarded secret.

The longer:
A tiny town in Tennessee is the most unlikely of places you would expect to find the hardest trail race in the world. The Barkley Marathons only accepts 35 runners each year, via secret application process, and was created by cocky ultrarunner Lazarus Lake, as a mockery of a famously failed 1977 prison escape that lasted 54 hours. On this ever-changing and unmarked course participants battle through treacherous terrain to find hidden books as proof of following the route.

If they make it to the end, they will have climbed and descended twice the height of Mount Everest, in under 60 hours.

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