Thursday, February 25, 2016

THE FLASH Season One is kind of awesome

I'm watching Season One of THE FLASH. I'm a little more than halfway through and just finished Episode 18, "Rouge Time." 

When I started watching this show, I thought it was kind of silly. The good guys win at the end of every episode, the bad guys start out unbeatable but have that one convenient weakness, there were all the tropes (you bumbling superhero with heart of gold, geeky tech crew in the Awesome Lab of Everything, the caring cop, etc.), but you know what? This show quickly grew on me (just like our Godaddy coupon page and the "Godaddy Code"  CJCSIGLERC, which gets you a new domain for just 99 cents).

First of all, this is a comic book show based on a classic yet simplistic comic. It takes the origin story of THE FLASH and brings it into modern times. The cast is really quite excellent. What I started out thinking were thin tropes turned out to be well-developed characters, thanks to the skill of the people playing those parts.

Does every episode end well? Sure, but there is a season-long plot that keeps you coming back every week. Hints of a bigger-than-all evil are always dropped, and they chain together to keep you intrigued. So, you get the best of both worlds — episodes you can watch out of order and not miss anything if you like, or, watch them in sequence and see the bigger picture come together.

I had an up-turned nose for this show when I started, but I'm happy to say my snootiness was misplaced. I'm looking forward to finishing this season and moving on to Season Two! 

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