Thursday, November 26, 2015

I'm watching The Leftovers. Want to know why? My thoughts, thanks to GoDaddy coupon CJCSIGLERP

My mid-November review of The Leftovers, thanks to GoDaddy coupon CJCSIGLERP which gets you 30% off your entire order of new products only. 

Listen, I didn't watch Lost. And the reason I didn't is that I watched the pilot and thought "they're in Purgatory." (Spoiler alert!) Turns out, they were in Purgatory for many seasons, as were many of the viewers who waited and watched for something more.

The Leftovers is produced by the same guy, and while I'm still watching, I'm starting to think all he does is purgatory stories.

My spoiler free review for the series (so far):

The short: One crazy day, 2% of the world's population is "departed" and disappear. No cause detected, no answers as to why some were taken and some remain. Chaos ensues, as does miracle seeking.

The longer: Well, there's not a lot more to say than what I've said above without spoilers, but here's something:  Kevin Garvey has retired and moved with Nora Durst and his daughter Jill to the Jarden, Texas, a town untouched by The Departure. Also coming to town are Matt Jamison who has moved with his wife, Mary.

I think they might somehow be in purgatory. Again with the purgatory. It's not they they didn't get Departed, it's that they're not yet moved over into the other side. They're waiting in a place that looks like home, but doesn't feel like home. 

I'm not sure if I'm staying with 'em or not, honestly. It's getting like a lot of meandering story and not a lot of payoff. Which we've seen end poorly before. We'll see.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My review of Blood and Oil. See what I thought, thanks to GoDaddy coupon CJCSIGLERP

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This is a new series on ABC and it's awesome.

My spoiler free review:

The short: A big money, splashy story set on the Bakken Shale in North Dakota, where crude oil is causing the new gold rush.

The longer: Billy and Cody Lefever dream of a new life beyond their working class roots and move to "The Bakken" in North Dakota, booming after the biggest oil discovery in American history. They’re soon pitted against a ruthless tycoon who forces them to bet big and put everything on the line, including their marriage.

This is a wonderful, writ-large evening soap opera in the tradition of Dallas, Dynasty and Falcon Crest. The four lead actors are great in their respective roles, especially the deliciously devious oil billionaire played by Don Johnson. 

A bit over the top, and tons of fun, I am really enjoying Blood & Oil.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My review of "AMY" the Amy Winehouse story, thanks to GoDaddy coupon CJCSIGLERC

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I like Amy Winehouse's music, and I loved this documentary so much more than I would have thought.

My spoiler free review:

The short: The story of Amy Winehouse in her own words, featuring unseen archival footage and unheard tracks.

The longer: This is wonderful movie about the sad life story of Amy Winehouse. If you're like me, you probably only knew anything about Amy Winehouse in the last few raucous years of her life. Trouble, trying, and living out loud — and ultimately paying the price for it.

But there's so much more to Amy, and it's her luminosity and charm and raw love of life that shines through in this movie.

Directed by Asif Kapadia, and featuring many of the people who lived and worked with Amy during her too-short life.

Don't miss this if you want to love the music even more, or learn a bit more about the life that could have been.