Monday, September 21, 2015

Hear what I thought of "San Andreas," thanks to GoDaddy coupon CJCSIGLERC

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Oooh, the Rock rocks!
I have to say that San Andreas was a huge, popcorny, sprawling, not-too-deep action movie, and I loved every minute of it.

Polite, non-spoilery review:

The short: It's a summer blockbuster starring The Rock as the movie's hero helicopter pilot who works with the LA County fire and rescue squad (I think.)  It's the Rock, being a hero, and flashing that smile. It's FANTASTIC.

The longer: Paul Giamatti plays the scientist who figures it all out with grim resolve and love for the genre too. He's hopelessly behind on getting the word out, but he's doing what he can, when he can. He's disheveled and a little goofy. He's awesome in this move too.

There is the requisite evil antihero, a love story and even a cute kid.

It was everything you hope for with a summer, big-budget thriller. Goofy, implausible, and the hero always wins.  I'll take it.

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