Monday, August 3, 2015

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I finally decided upon watching the series Turn.

I must say, I was happy that I did.

The show has really good writing, a great cast, and a great plot that can sustain itself past a simple first good idea.

awesomely evil
First off, Jamie Bell is superb. I think if it wasn't for him the show wouldn't nearly be as good. I recently watched him in Filth and didn't even know it was the same guy. Really, really well done. I'm pleased he will be making some money with the upcoming needless Fantastic 4 remake.

Honestly, isn't there any original ideas out there? Are we doomed for the rest of our lives to be on the 8th reiteration of Spiderman, Superman, Wolverine, and Fantastic 4? What ones am I forgetting?

great acting 
Speaking of sequels, the second season of Turn is just as good as the first. Unlike, say, Sleepy Hollow that just fell off a cliff during the second season.

The intrigue is good on the show, and every cast member does a great job of pushing along the plot. It does a great job of making the lines between good and evil, right and wrong blurred. Some characters are deliciously evil, and some are annoyingly on their high-horse. I care about every single character in some way -- I either can't stand them (in a good way) or a love them and want the best for them. The only character that really is kinda meh is George Washington.

I honestly look forward to the next season.

Here's the problem with this show and so many others out there. In the networks attempt to get more money through DVD or whatever, or their failed realization that streaming is here to stay, they don't give viewers enough of an opportunity to watch the shows if they miss a few. I probably would have watched Turn earlier, except it wasn't made available to me. Once I had missed several episodes, it was simply too late to start. I literally couldn't watch the episodes if I wanted to. I had to wait for the second season to come out so I could watch the first. Only then could I then binge watch to get caught up and the ultimately finish the season.

get over yourself!
Simply let viewers watch the episodes. If your show is good, people will come back. They are losing more viewers than they are gaining advertisers and ultimately, the advertisers suffer because less people view.

I think  Turn would have way more viewers if AMC changed their viewing policy.

Give Turn a try. From an avid television watcher, it is one of the better ones out there.

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