Monday, August 31, 2015

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Now, onto what I like to blog about television shows like The Strain ...

This week's episode was utterly a waste of time. I'm stating it now. I will not watch season 3.

I just don't know how a show with so much promise can be so dull? If I had to take a guess, I would say it is because the writers and frontrunners have stated that the show is supposed to last 5 seasons. They are obviously trying to stretch out all of the material to make it that long. They better be careful though, they might not reach 5 seasons because of people like me who will refuse to watch the show. I also think that it is on when there are no other programs to watch. AMC is their main competition, but with Sunday Night Football coming back, people will have other and better options for television entertainment.

I feel bad for people who write recaps for this show. I write my thoughts on the show and spend little time recapping things each week.

Honestly, this is all that happened.

  • Nora questions EPh. This happens each week. She does it in that really annoying breathy voice of hers -- like it would kill her to put any oomph into her voice. 
  • Zach is still whiny. He is still whiny over his mother. 
  • Kelly is still after Zach, but now she went to Avon. The fight scene is nothing. They are never anything. 
  • Fet is still cool. 
  • Setrakian still grumbled this week, but I think he may have had 5 lines of dialogue this week, so there was an improvement there. 
  • No Dutch this week. She must be on hiatus doing another show because the actress realizes this show sucks. 

Overall, Kelly tried to find Zach again in the most dull way possible, finds him at the hideout, convinces the moron to let her in, and nothing happens. It's like a song on repeat.

Eph saves someone's life with Zach assisting. All so he can get a rifle. Alright.

The book that everyone is after is located, after a stupid Cardinal tries to sell it to the highest bidder. Ugh.

Honestly, that's it. Nothing else happened. Oh, a lover's spat between Palmer and the French lady. French lady may be a spy.

Gang dude acts the only way a real person would and tries unsuccessfully to shoot vampire son. They make an alliance.

5 more stupid episodes to go. Maybe next week that will take the action and plot up a notch. For everyone's sake, I hope they do.

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