Monday, August 24, 2015

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This week on The Strain was more of nothing. It's like they give you one more piece of information that should only last 5 minutes and fill it with an entire hour. I honestly feel like this show would be better served in 1/2 hour increments. Then maybe it would feel like something was actually happening.

So let's recap. Eph is drunk and puts a bandage on.

Nora still seems insanely clueless and docile. She would drive me crazy in an apocalypse. I'm not saying I would want someone who was all chaotic and hectic, but her? I'd be like, honestly, how about an emotion, any emotion?

Setrakian is still grumbling his way through the episodes. He still hates the Master. He still can't kill him. I think his goal was to blow up the building, but then only a little chunk of concrete fell down. Wah-wah ...

The Master still doesn't kill Setrakian. So weird.

Quinlan shows up and finally kills some of those weird monkey-children. I like this actor. I like this character. I'm sure the show will screw it up somehow.

Barbie kissed Palmer. Palmer blushes like a school-kid, which, they explain away. Whatever. I'm fairly certain Barbie was not in the books? Am I wrong? Do we care?

Kid was not as annoying this week, thank God.

Poor, poor Fet. I would make him forget all about Dutch. However, Fet, calm down for 5 seconds. Whiny girl just showed up. Give it a second. For such a manly man, I have to agree with Eph on this one, way to give up super-duper fast.

Onto next week. They better do something pretty fast to make this season make us want another. We just finished episode 7. Only 5 to go. Not like, oh my God! There is only 5 more to go! I can't believe it! More like, man, do something quick or your ratings will not let you survive into a third season.

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