Monday, August 17, 2015

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Now, for my thoughts on The Strain episode 6 titled Identity.

Honestly, this show.

Palmer is still making demands that he is too stupid to realize he has no authority to make. It's insulting the way the show writes his character. There is no nuance to it. He's just dumb, short-sighted, and arrogant.

The one character that does this a little bit better is the Nazi. He is crushed to learn that he won't ascend to the highest being. It crushes him. However, wouldn't you rather be second in command with all your own faculties? I'd be a little wary of giving myself over to the Master and being completely taken over. I think the Nazi got the better deal.

So, did this week confirm that Nora and Eph have no relationship? Is this to make us somehow like Eph less? I actually liked the blond haired lady. She had more pizzaz to her than Nora. Not cool though, to be off having sex, and leave your son behind to be taken care of by a woman who is pretty sure she's your girlfriend. However, in the real world I would never leave my son behind. In the universe that is The Strain, I would leave Zach behind in a heartbeat.

Also, what the heck man? Killing off Fitz? I liked him. He seemed believable in the roll and I liked the actor. Too bad they ruined a good thing again.

What else. Where was Dutch?

Is Zach working Nora? Seems a bit of a turnaround for the annoying kid. Plus, hasn't he been whining this whole time for his mom? There she is, idiot! Go to her! I mean why are you running? Why are you having an asthma attack? Isn't that what you wanted?

Yeah, I thought so ...

Well, at least the pharmaceutical company has the Anti-vampire virus. That's something.

Also, how stupid are the people of New York in this show? There are literal Vampires running around and someone asks for your blood type in mass fashion? I'm not so sure someone wouldn't connect the dots.

One more thing, we did it turn into winter?

Just kidding, one more thing .. are the Feelers bullet proof? Is it just me or are they being hit with those bullets and nothing is happening? So stupid.

Until next time ...

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