Friday, August 14, 2015

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I love writing blogs. It is so much fun to have as a hobby. In fact, I get to combine two things that I love, journaling, and watching television.

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This week I will be returning to my blogging about The Strain. I'm totally caught up on season 2 at this point.

Not that I needed to be. It's not very good.

Again, I only watch due to my compulsion to finish something that I started. I think it's a disease or something.

Maybe one of those worms got in me and now I am forced to watch the show as some part of a collective vampire mind.

Much like True Detective season 2, nothing haas happened this whole season so far and we just finished episode 5.

Let's start with Eph. He is still annoying and no one cares. He shaved his head, still fights with his son, and it's still unclear if he and Nora are actually in a relationship. They never do anything remotely loving to each other.

Nora. Shrug. She's okay. She seems like a wallflower though. Nothing really happens with her. Ever. She helped develop a virus with Eph to kill the vamps, but the vamps just commit suicide to keep it from spreading. Wow. Way to start a plot lead and then just do nothing with it all in one episode.

Setrakian is just cantankerous. He growls a lot, mixed in with some huffing.

Zach. Oh, man. I did not think it was possible to make this kid any more annoying than he was from last season. To make matters worse, it's as if they tried to find the worst kid actor possible. It's beyond painful to watch. I should start a drinking game of how many times an episode I wish one of those vampire tether-tongues kill him.

Cyber chick Dutch and Fet are the only reasons I remotely enjoy the show.

New politician lady (Feraldo) is cool. I've always liked the actress, too. However, if you asked me to name what she has been in before, I can't place it. She's the newest player and I like her.

Marchand. No one is buying that she would be into Palmer. Stop it. It is just gross.

Palmer. I like the actor who plays him. He serves his purpose.

Gus. I like his character and I like the actor. He had one of the only plot lines working on the show. However, it's like someone in management realized they might have something interesting to watch here and they ultraviolet destroyed all the mercenary vampires. So dumb.

So, if you have been busy doing other things this summer and haven't had a chance to watch, but worry you don't want to start midseason ... zero need to worry. You have missed nothing.

Now, if they made the show only Gus, Fet, Dutch, and Feraldo ... that would be way better.

Until next week. Maybe then I will have something to actually recap. Either that, or I will be severely hungover from my new Zach drinking game.

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