Monday, July 6, 2015

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Episode 3 was titled Empathy is a Boner Killer and episode 4 was titled Finger in the Dyke.

Episode 3 centered around Nikky's heroin and her addiction. We learned a little bit more about her backstory and how she found herself in prison. It looks like she got a ten year sentence for trying to break into someone's house to steal an expensive book to sell for heroin. It also, on a side note, brings up a good point of ten years for stealing? That seems a little steep. It might have ended up saving her life though, although, I think that overdose scene from the previous season may have come after the fact.

The other major point of the story is that Alex and Piper are having hate sex .. who cares.

A continuing theme was the closing of the prison. Caputo blackmails that lady from the previous seasons, Natalie, into giving him information on how to keep the prison open. She tells him a private company was and could still be interested. It was alright. Seems like an unnecessary side story. Almost like we should care, but we don't. Or, at least I don't.

I liked Nikky's storyline. She has screwed up her life and she knows it, but she just can't stop herself. She is a junkie, and no matter why she got herself to the point she is at now, she can't seem to quit. She doesn't seem to have remorse for her friends, in fact, she uses them to get money out of her mom. The backstory though wasn't as cathartic as it could have been. It's like the show is almost there, but not quite. It is no where near as good as the flashbacks from Lost. They could really hit the nail on the head, in particular, Sun and Jin.

As for episode 4, the main story point focused on Big Boo. I've always liked her character. She is unapologetically lesbian. She does have a chip on her shoulder though, and it comes out in anger and aggression toward anyone she can point it at. While we understand her character more, I still felt like the sad tidbit to her,  not being able to say goodbye to her mom, was also just as lacking as the sad tidbit about Nikky not sticking up for her friends and bailing them out. I don't know, it just doesn't strike the right note on the emotional spectrum. Is it the writing? What is it?

Also, the loss of Nikky to the other inmates feels pressed. I don't see them really caring. I don't know why.

I think it's because all the show does is tell, not show -- a basic writing element. You tell us Red cares about Nikky, no less as a mother, but what have they done for each other. Where is the story? Where is the drama? Show us! Show Red caring for Nikky, petting her head ...something! I don't think they have had a scene together in forever!

Also, the love affair with Red and Mr. Healy seems outlandish.

The only thing I truly enjoyed was the relationship between Boo and Pennsatucky. That seemed sweet. I liked the growth form Pennsatucky. I liked the simple caring nature of Boo toward Pennsatucky.

I'm sure I'll watch a new episode pretty soon!

Be well everyone! Until next time!

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