Monday, June 1, 2015

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Last week I wrote that I didn't know what I would watch next since my AMC shows were done, as well as Justified on FX.

After much consideration and some very good recommendations, I settled upon Archer.

All I have to say is I can't believe I didn't watch this show sooner.

This show is very clever, which is something that I adore.

Wait, let me back it up.

Archer is an animated series on FX. It first aired on January 14th, 2010. It's creator is Adam Reed. I had to look up Mr. Reed because a bunch of the actors from Arrested Development have done voice work for the show, so I thought maybe he had been involved with that series. He wasn't. It just seems the very fine actors from Arrested Development are keenly aware of what is funny and what is not. Bravo to you Jessica Walter and Judy Greer for taking on primary roles in this show. Kudos to Jeffrey Tambor and David Cross for frequently guest voicing on the series.

The show has striking similarities to Arrested Development with the family dynamics, the quick wit of the characters, and the frequent use of running jokes.

Main characters are:

  • Sterling Archer: the greatest spy and son of Malory Archer
  • Malory Archer: the boss of ISIS (I do believe they change this later on with the development of the terrorist group) and mother to Archer. This character truly is the mother from Arrested Development plus a gun. It is just a continuation. 
  • Lana: very hot operative, ex girlfriend of Sterling. 
  • Pam: HR representative
  • Cheryl: secretary with multiple fetishes
  • Cyril: accountant that keeps trying to be an operative

I am currently streaming the show on Netflix and the episodes are approximately 21 minutes long. It's so amazing because there are no commercials. Plus (depending on the way you look at it), stupid Netflix automatically loads the next episode for you so before you know it, you've watched 3 episodes.

What I like about the show is the humor. It is fast-paced, very smart, and well-planned. There are times where I have to look up Sterling's references, which makes me super happy. The humor is like your friend that always has the perfect, awesome retort to what someone says. You envy them. I envy the wit of the characters on this show.

It also has crass humor as well, so it has something for everyone.

It is clearly very popular as it just wrapped up it's 6th season and has been given a 7th. I do believe I also just read that it won a critic's choice award for best animated series.

I love it.

This will be the new show that I post about.

I'm assuming in seasons, until I get caught up, as by next week I will have blown through season 4 already.


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