Monday, April 27, 2015

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I'm not sure what to make of this Mad Men episode. Our Scooby gang lost their company and are getting swallowed up into the parent company, despite signing that independence clause earlier? How did that get trampled over? I must've missed something.

Everyone is frantically trying to create a West Coast office so that they have some autonomy. The pitch, while invigorating everyone, fails. However, the main company states that they will all have jobs, save for Joan in a not so subtle way.

I don't know how I feel about this. They are all millionaires, in the 70's. They are not hurting. They have job security ... things change. It's the business that they are in. Yes, this company that they worked to build has been swallowed up, but not because it wasn't successful. I don't know, I'm seeing the loss, but not a series ending loss here.

The only interesting point of the show was Peggy, again. Her dealing with the fact she has a baby out there, somewhere, was touching. The narrative she spoke of is what used to make Mad Men so good. Why do men get to move on from their mistakes and women can't? Her battles in the show are about feminism. How does one have a career and a family? That has been turned over and over in the years. In her time frame, the 70's, you almost couldn't have both. In my time frame, the 80's and 90's, women were told we could have it all. We were told you could wait to have kids. Now, there is some backlash to that. Can women have a family and a career? Do women want to put off having families to have a career? Many of us in our later 30's are now realizing, hey, my body may not be able to have that baby without help - maybe we really can't have it all. Maybe, we need to have one, more than the other. Not exclusively, but the balance may shift to spending more time having a family, while part-time working, or perhaps not being the CEO of the company after all. What Peggy faces in the show in the 70's is still going on today. Feminism is one of the themes I have alway loved about the show. When we start with Betty in season 1, her smoking despondently at the kitchen table. I tell you what, that was my mom.

I don't have high hopes for the ending of this show. What started off as consistent, all encompassing magical writing, now just gives us crumbs.

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