Monday, April 20, 2015

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I have to admit, I'm kind of tired of Mad Men.

They need to stop announcing that there is only 3 episodes left. Nothing is happening! Who cares if there are only three left, they could very well end it next week and I wouldn't care. Just tell me what happens so I can move on.

The thing is, existential crises are fine, except for the fact that all these characters are doing nothing to begin with.

I used to like that the series showed the mundane, but under a microscope. This seems more like someone forget where the microscope is at.

Glen was kinda of cool, if it had been more flushed out. How many boys do you think signed up for Vietnam because they had nothing better to do, or they wanted to be heroes like their fathers were in WWII? I, of course, am referring to early on in the war, not so much when it got so out of hand. I know my dad tried to sign up and my grandpa told him he would shoot him in the family room before he let his son go off to war.

I liked the scene with Betty and her daughter. I liked that they had found some common ground. It was really nice to see. Betty certainly still isn't going to be mother of the year, but what I liked about this scene (especially if you have lost a parent) is that when you look back, once your parent has died, those are the times that you remember, that you hold onto. You know your mom wasn't the greatest, but the part of you that still loves her? That part of you remembers that time at the kitchen table ...

As for Don, I don't know why we are beating the empty apartment over the head. We get the symbolism. His life is just as empty as his apartment. Stop patting yourselves on the back.

I think that is the problem with the show, they are so used to everyone patting them on the back, they don't realize that now it is just "yes men" who are doing the patting. The show has teetered on the edge of being too full of itself for awhile, and I think this episode just caused them to go over the edge.

We get it. Don is supposed to be a miserable, lonely, washed-up person. Betty is a bad mom. Looks fade. Men are pigs. The higher ups are so used to having everything that they could want that they don't actually know what to do with themselves anymore. Peggy's dreams of accomplishing something in a man's world is lost on Don and other men in the episode because they have forgotten what it was like to not be allowed to do anything that they want.

What I want, is three better episodes to finish off this series.

Update to my post ...

I also wonder what will happen to Sally and Bobby. I would really like to see some closure on their two lives, however, I know this is difficult because then we would have to a time jump, or flash-forward or what not. I'm not a huge fan of those. They rarely work well and it almost seems like a too easy writing technique to skip over the difficulties with ending a series. Personally, I would love to see a show that picks up 20 years down the road. Sally in her first job, Bobby dealing with mom issues. I think that would be really, really cool.

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