Tuesday, April 14, 2015

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The most recent episode of Mad Men is titled "New Business".

This episode seemed to me to be about the lies that people tell themselves. Megan lies to herself that she doesn't want anything from Don, that she doesn't need him. She wants to think of herself as strong enough to not need to rely on him.

However, she blames him for everything that went wrong in their marriage, and while yes, he cheated on her, she too changed the game plan by not being his partner. She chose acting over him. I can't help but think when Mr. Disgusting (Harry) questioned who would pick California over New York, was in a way, who would pick acting over Don and all he had to offer.

Megan also takes the check after stating she didn't need him. Oh, how her morals crumbled when she looked at one million dollars. She talks a big game, but she can be just as easily bought as the rest of them.

As for Diana and Don, that was just so sad on so many levels. Don wants to connect with a woman who he views as needing help. Someone who needs saving, someone like his mother that he couldn't save maybe? He wants to see himself more as who he was with this woman, he wants to reinvent himself. However, she is stuck in Dante's Inferno, a lost soul who wants to stay in a tortured place. She wants to keep torturing herself. Unlike Don, she's not looking for redemption, so Don needs to leave. I just found that whole thing very, very depressing. Not poorly written, just depressing.
Why is he always casual around Betty and the Kids? Does this mean something?

Also, how gross is Harry? I mean, really. On so many levels, he is just so disgusting. He's a horrible coworker, he's full of himself, and just so blech.

I hate him. I may hate him more than Pete, which is saying ALOT!

The thing with Megan was so slimy. Then to go to Don and try and pretend like Megan was going to slander him. I'm super happy Don saw right through that.

Looking forward to next week.

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