Monday, April 6, 2015

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I like to blog about the shows that I watch, and I can't be more excited to be blogging again about the series Mad Men. However, you can blog about whatever you wish! And, at such a low price, it's no risk to do so!

This episode is called Severance.

It's so crazy how much you can miss a show. As soon as the characters were back on the screen, it was like coming home. All that nostalgia that Don Draper is always talking about.

Don looks very, very confident as he is parading around town with all of his new friends. Yet, as an audience that has seen this man over the years, we know inside he is struggling. He is filling his loneliness and his fears of identity with what he knows how to do, have sex. To woo. It took me awhile to realize that he imagined Rachael. He has a sense of these things, as his did with Anna Draper before her death. Rachael was, for all intents and purposes, the one that got away. The one that was his equal. Her death hits him hard, for this reason, and because he is deeply lonely inside while desperately wanting to connect. He wants to stop hiding, but he seems to be hiding even more than usual. The best scene in the episode was the emotion that Don shows at the funeral. It's true emotion, he can't hide his sense of loss over Rachael. The sense that he didn't really know her, that she was the one that got away, that she moved on, that people die, that he will die -- it is inevitable. He tries to connect with the waitress, but he misses his mark there, too. She has sex with him because she thinks she owes him something for the large tip. He is still lonely. He "just wants to sit there". I loved the panning back of the camera, of the other people at the counter, lonely as well.

There was still some great Mad Men humor in the show. Everything to do with Ken was awesome. I swear, the reason the show has been so good over the years is the mixing of what is ultimately so sad with the beauty in life. They are often two emotions and states of being that are entwined. Ken and Pete have a history of being pitted against each other and this was no different. They are like a great basketball game where the lead changes constantly. You can never be sure who is ultimately going to walk away with the championship. It's almost like Dante's Inferno. They will live this horror out for eternity.

I also really liked the scene with Peggy and Joan. Women have a history of being meanest to each other when they should really band together. The men in the meeting were horrifying to Joan. That was a terrible position to be in. While we all would like to jump up and say something, we have to remember how difficult it was back then. It was the early 70's. Women for the most part still didn't have jobs like Joan and Peggy did. Peggy and Joan probably could have done something to curb the remarks but didn't. They were in fear of escalating the situation and of losing the pitch. Plus, they really were trying to keep some level of professionalism to the meeting. However, after the meeting, Peggy could have
just said what she should have said, which was, yes, those guys were assholes and I wanted to strangle them. I tried the best I could to keep redirecting the conversation back to the facts of the pitch. Peggy absolutely did not need to then turn it around as to be Joan's fault. Also, Joan does not wear the most revealing outfits in that office I might add. Joan is just an extremely beautiful woman. On the other hand, while I agree that Joan had every right to be mad at Peggy, that did not give Joan the right to attack Peggy's plainness. Peggy can be beautiful. Joan and Peggy just have different types of beauty, like all women do. They did not need to go at each other when really what made both of them so mad was the men's behavior. Yet, that is so like what women have a tendency to do, attack each other. Peggy was angry to for the men's disparaging remarks. It was so classless. I reiterate, band together next time ladies!

I can't wait for next week's episode. I have to find out if Betty will ever be happy, although the answer is and should be no. What will happen to Sally? Love, love, love this show.

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