Monday, March 30, 2015

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This was the season finale of TWD. If anything, we finally have our answer to whether or not the Scooby gang deserve to stay in Alexandria, or if they have changed too much to deserve it. The answer is, yes, yes they do.

We all knew this, because we have been following this group over 5 seasons. I finally feel like the show, in the friendship circle, finally stated out loud what I have been saying all along. Did the rest of the group just forget everything they have been through together? Would they just throw Rick out into the wind because something shiny and new came along? Thank God the answer was no. They would stand by their leader. All of them. Even Abraham, which, I really loved. I love a man who can be angry and ready to fist fight a guy, but respects the man none-the-less. His quote in the friendship circle was the best,“There is a vast ocean of shit that you people don’t know shit about. Rick knows every fine grain of said shit and then some.”

That pretty much sums it up. I mean, Rick bit the ear off of a guy who tried to rape his son. I'm pretty sure Deanna hasn't been forced to do something like that to survive. I'm sure her panties would get all in a bunch just hearing that something like that occurred. Rick has been right all along. Dumping the body of the walker in the middle of the friendship circle was pretty badass.

At the same time, on to Glenn.

Really, Glenn? Really?

Fucking kill the dude.

Nicholas has killed Noah, tried to leave Glenn behind at the warehouse, tricked Glenn into following him into the woods for the sole purpose of killing him, shoots him, and then, after all of that still leaves him for walkers to eat. Shut the front fucking door on this asshole already. I don't care what scheme the show cooks up to make sure it was the right choice and make all viewers shrug and be like, well, I guess Glenn made the right call in the woods ... nope.



Here's the thing. Our favorite science guy, Eugene, did something horrific. He told a massive lie that led the group on a wild goose chase.

He very well should have been killed for such a massive lie; however, and let me clear ...

He did not actively try and kill people! Nicholas, even after Glenn had words with him and told him he basically saved him from himself, let pride, pride of all things cause him to try and kill Glenn.

That dude had to die.

I did like the struggle trifecta that was going on at the end with Glenn, Rick, and Sasha. Really cool the way they were all working out how they would handle their struggles with Alexandria and what it represented.

On to Daryl and Aaron. Love, love, love them. All these people when I read the blogs that want them to get together just because Aaron is gay is missing the point. They are developing a friendship. That is wonderful in and of itself. It's a bit cliched, the country hick who is supposed to hate everyone accepts the gay man, but I choose to take it more as this new world doesn't care what your orientation is. If you can survive, and offer something to the table, then you are welcomed to it. I love the fact that Aaron accepts the fact that Daryl isn't ready to commit to the houses. Aaron knows it's because Daryl wasn't accepted into them when the world didn't have zombies walking around. Aaron is patient and respects Daryl and is willing to meet him where Daryl wants to meet him, whether that's half way, 3/4's, or whatever, and that's a great place.

Lastly, our cool new participant with the broom stick - Morgan. I loved his skills with the weapon. However, I would really like to leave his do-good, all life matters attitude in the past. Did we not just go through that this season? Let's not rehash that again.

I do love his fighting skills. Badass.

Oh, one last, last thing. I have nothing to say about the Wolves People as there is not enough information for us who have not read the comics. If it's just two people, who don't even have any bullets in their guns, I don't see how they have made it this long and how Rick's group wouldn't take them out in a second.

I'm sure there is more to the story. I will wait for season 6!

On a side note, was it just me, or did it feel like the bonus 30 minutes was more like 20 minutes more of commercials with 10 extra minutes of story? Or maybe the 90 minutes was just a smidge more story will all the rest of the bonus time devoted to increased commercials? It was very, very annoying.

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