Monday, March 23, 2015

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I love to blog about The Walking Dead! The show is just so awesome and I can't believe there is only one more episode to go!

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This week's episode was titled "Try".

I liked this episode, although, I really do feel like Rick is not behaving like himself. I don't think he would so blatantly go after another man's wife. I mean, is the show trying to say that he is breaking bad to use a term from another AMC show? That he has crossed the morality line too far? Yes, we all agree that you can't get soft in the zombie apocalypse and that sometimes people have to die, but you don't kill them just because they get in your way. I just don't see Rick going this way.

I also don't love the way everyone is so quick to think Rick is crazy. This man has saved everyone in the group countless times. Also, lest we forget, and I know I have said this before, but they just left Sanctuary where they were nearly cannibalized, they were blown up from the governor, the governor beheaded Hershel when they thought to try and work it out --ultimately losing the prison, which was their own Alexandria. Let me repeat, they had Alexandria once and some crazy group of people tried to take it from them, successfully ruining it for everyone.

It bothers me that everyone seems to forget this fact. They were building a garden. Remember farmer Rick? Farmer Rick thought everything was going to turn out alright. He was proven wrong. How many times does this group have to be proven wrong.

Plus, I think Rick has earned the right to have a bit of a breakdown here and there. He is so amped up trying to protect everyone all the time, that takes a toll on a guy. I'd much rather have a Rick in my group than the wishy-washy people of Alexandria.

Although, it has been suggested that the better way to go is Carol's route. Of course, no one would suspect her. It's smart. Rick played his poker hand too soon. Actually, he didn't play poker at all, there was no bluff. I do think though that Rick's rant was justified. He is the voice of reason while everyone else is trying to pussyfoot their way around the fact that the world is a dangerous place. These people in Alexandria are dangerous because when the shit hits the fan, which it always does, their ineptitude will cost lives. When that happens, everyone is going to be second guessing themselves as to why they didn't try and whip the people of Alexandria into shape sooner, and if they had, would it have saved lives. Yes, yes it would.

Oh, and remember Andrea? She tried to broker peace between the governor and Rick. Remind me what happened to her again ...

Very much looking forward to next week's season finale. I almost wonder if that's why John Oliver's HBO show is skipping a week. No one will be watching anything but TWD.

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