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This week's TWD episode was called "Spend".

This episode was good on so many levels. We get to see that a group can be dangerous just by being innately what they are, newbies.

A lot has been foreshadowed over the last few episodes as to the fact that the Scooby gang are not the same people that they used to be. I believe it was Abraham that said something to the effect of, everyone who is left are the tough ones now. I know I'm totally paraphrasing, but it's pretty close.

This town has had to do no such thing. It's like they are Rick, having to wake up from a coma, and find this. To deal with this new reality.

Annoying Scrappy, like the new town residents
The Scrappy-Doo group is venturing out more because they feel more comfortable with the Scooby gang; however, it only highlights that they don't know what they are doing, and they are scared - to a serious fault. The Scooby gang trusts each other, they are a well-oiled machine. The Scrappy gang causes problems for the Scooby gang simply out of being new at it all. Plus, this whole group is very, very cowardly.

Cowardly is also the stupid freaking priest, but I'll get to that later.

I like the way TWD has foreshadowed that this group sticks its head in the sand. This is a consistent trait, so it is not surprising when they tuck tail and run. They are holding onto pasta machines, favorite recipes, and dinner parties. When the shit hits the fans, they run. Numbers will dwindle when that occurs, and I'm sure that is why Deanna pulled in the Scooby gang.

Now onto the nitty-gritty.

Abraham was the only one at the construction site that actually tried to save the girl. Everyone else ran. That's not what you do. That's not how you survive as a community. Abraham, through his courage and sense of loyalty, put himself at risk.

Same for Glenn. Glenn is willing to risk his own life to save Aidan despite the fact the guy was a tool. It's what a good person would do. He barely knows Aidan, unlike Aida's "friend" ...

Nicholas the coward. He just leaves his friend, his buddy, his comrade. There is nothing courageous or strong about that man. When push comes to shove, he leaves him man behind.

Unlike Eugene. Tara tells him when all the shit hits the fan, he will have to come through, Eugene doesn't believe her. He thinks he is too much of a coward.

Actually buddy, you come through. You come through big time. You could have been an ass, like Nicholas, but you weren't. You had to step up, and you did. He's done it before, with the firetruck, and he did it on a more personal level here too.

he did it for another person, not just to save himself. He is a hero. Others will gladly fight for him now, as he has done for them.

Gabriel is wrong about the group. They are not bad people. Bad people to not try and help others, despite what they have seen.

Gabriel is the evil. He is the coward. He is the snake in the Garden of Eden that tempts trouble. That worms distrust in the heart's of man.

Why because he is scared. He is a coward. He will get people killed.

Poor, poor Noah. The look on his face as if to say, this? This is the way I will die? Because of a coward?A coward who couldn't even stay put. He didn't have to go out there. Not only was Nicholas a coward, he was reckless. He put others at risk to save himself.

Nicholas is worse than Shane. Shane shot a man to save others; although, they may have all been able to make it out alive. Nicholas caused someone else's death only to save himself.

Carol killed people from their own group because she thought they could infect others. To save the greater good.

Nicholas better be dealt with, and harshly.

I'm not sure about Carol wanting to kill the husband. I know she has issues with domestic violence, but that's getting close to marshal law. yet, there is no mistaking that the doctor is going to cause trouble.

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