Monday, March 2, 2015

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This week's episode of The Walking Dead was titled "Remember".

I loved this episode.

Honestly, isn't our favorite character hands down Carol? I mean, seriously. She is amazing. Her story arc has far been the best. I love, love, loved in this episode how she protrayed herself as the weak grandmotherly type! She is smart as a whip! She was playing possum as Daryl was skinning one! My favorite was the progression from fumbling with her gun and then up-leveling to wearing the grandma sweater.

Michonne outright accepting this community really bothers me. If there was slight more trepidation it would be much more believable - more like Maggie. Maggie wants the community, but she's not blindly going on and accepting it. I do like the fact that Daryl does not like it and won't hide it. He's not going to hide who he is, and that very well may cost him. Sure, the show isn't going to kill him off, but it will put him in serious danger.

I'm fascinated by the young lady. I wonder what her story is.

I also wonder what hair stylist's story is. I just don't see how in this world, these people never came across someone who wanted to take their community.

I loved the fact that Carl felt uncomfortable playing video games. At first, I thought he was so young when the zombie world started that he didn't know how to play video games. However, I did gather, after the fact, that he just felt uneasy about the level of carefree attitude these young boys displayed. Carl liked the idea of school, some normalcy, but playing video games denotes a whole other level of comfort. This contrast was well played out with Carl's interview. The spectrum between what Carl has had to do, kill his own mom, and these boys, is vastly different. 

I also liked the fact that Carl and Rick wound up in the same place, the abandoned house, and fought together. This father and son duo has come along way.

It sure is a mystery, that gun gone missing.

There is clearly a threat out there that the 800k community knows about; everyone is looking for something to keep them alive, per Rick. Rick's group is just that saving grace.

As for the Senator, or whatever her governmental title was, she is either lying and staging the whole scouting group, or she really is grateful that Glen knocked her son on his ass.  If I was his mom, I'd be grateful, too. If her son is the only thing keeping them safe, I'd go for outside help as well. Not only that, he is going to get himself, or someone else killed, for that, he does deserve a good ass-whipping.

Plus, how cool was it that Glen totally knew he could take the guy and showed such restraint. Now, that was good writing.

Can't wait for next week!

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