Monday, February 16, 2015

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This week's episode of The Walking Dead was called: "Them".

It was a really good episode in my opinion. I'm so glad to have TWD back this season, especially since the writing this season has been so fantastic.

The show basically starts off with the group trying to find basic food and water. I was wondering when this would be more of an issue and I appreciate the writers addressing that this type of scenario would come up.

Everyone in the Scooby gang are tired and weak. Lots of characters are internally debating how, why, and if to go on. Some are dealing with anger overwhelming them, like Sasha; others, like Daryl, are quietly eating themselves alive with guilt, sorrow, and despair. What is the right response? Is there a right response? I thought that, while they didn't delve into what the right response was, highlighting the fact that the responses from the individuals in the group would vary, and some might be more right than others was really great.

However, with everyone walking down the side of the road dragging their feet and looking generally finished was a bit overacting. It was too much. Poor directing of the actors there.

I did really like the scene with the pack of dogs. The fact is, at this point in the world, there is not much difference between the fight of the pack of dogs, and the fight of our human group. If you really wanted to get deep, it's the general breakdown of society and evolution. Dogs are domesticated because humans provide a better overall evolutionary outcome for dogs. We provide them with food, water, and shelter -- they evolved to become our pets because it best served them. In this apocalyptic world, we are no longer providing for them, and the chain is breaking.

For those that thought it was too much, I offer this. I am a huge dog lover, but in the very beginning of the series, we see Rick's horse eaten by the walkers. That scene was much, much more tragic than this.

As for the dogs, my only complaint is that I don't think a pack of dogs would go after such a large group of humans. That's just a small complaint though. It would have been much cooler to see five or seven dogs coming after Daryl when he is in the woods by himself.

At this point though, still no water. Church dude is all forsaken God at this point, which on most people wouldn't seem wishy-washy, but on this guy, it does. Then, as if a mirage, there is a bunch of water left in the road. Also, this water is left there after a weird editor's cut of the show. All of the sudden there is just a note. Everyone's like, we can't drink it. Uh, no shit. Water, just randomly left in the middle of the road, like -- here friend. What? No way. Like a million times, no way do you drink that.

I know people think it's more cannibals. It's not. That would be too much. Yet, whatever the threat may be, it is most definitely a threat.

I do like the fact that science guy is the one who wants to do a quality test. He should. He has some severe penance to do for his trickery. I did like the fact that red-beard slapped it out of his hands and mouth; as if to say, don't be an idiot-asshole, and I've still got the need to protect you because it's engrained in my being at this point, well, you know, after I beat you to a pulp. This does bear the question, how fast does science guy heal?

Then, it just rains.

Um, okay.

Letting that one go (especially since there were like two clouds in the sky when Rick looked up and made that awesomely captain obvious statement that it would rain sooner or later ... yeah, save for the fact that you could be dead by then),  they get some water, except that the weather is pretty fierce, so they need to find shelter.

Okay, then.

They go to a barn and get all comfy. Here is where I couldn't tell if when the zombies are outside it's a dream sequence or really happening. I had to watch Talking Dead to get the answer. Thank you Chris, you are a great host now after some growing pains. On a side note, I did really like seeing Sam on the Talking Dead show. I'd hang with him.

The show ends with Sasha and Maggie having some bonding time over their grief, which, as always is interrupted by more pressing matters like a very well-bathed man walking up to the gals.

I don't know about you, but I would not trust this guy.

Remember the scene from Men In Black, where Will Smith is doing his entrance exam, and he shoots the poster of a young girl amongst all the poster aliens. The higher-up people ask why? He says, to paraphrase, because she is in the hood, walking at night by herself, and that is sketchy. Same thing here.

I'm very much looking forward to next week.

See ya all then.

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