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This blog is thanks to Godaddy coupon sigler99.  I get to blog about things that I enjoy for only 99 cents. Try it out, blogging can be so fun. 

So, I throw an Oscars party every year, but couldn't this year because of unforeseen circumstances. All I'm really trying to say with this is that I love the Oscars. 

Well, usually; I did not love them, or like them this year. 

First off, NPH was terrible. He wasn't funny, and he seemed to drag. There were lengthily pauses while he seemed to collect himself to read the next cue cards. It was so bizarre. 

Plus, one of the reasons we all love NPH so much is he seems to be a genuinely nice guy and always in good spirits. Why did he seem so mean-spirited last night? So odd. 

Maybe it was just me, but every part of the ceremony seemed to drag. Even just the presenters walking to the podium or opening the winner cards. It just seemed to drag. The whole production of the Oscars was terrible ...

Even the music! I felt like the band was out of sync too. It seemed right when they started to play, which was always too loud and too up tempo, that they were abruptly stopped. It was so weird. 

I really didn't love any of the movies this year. I must admit, I was really, really pulling for Michael Keaton, just because I love his body of work. I, like most people, were really happy to see him make a good movie. He's fantastic, and deserves to be in the spotlight. 

However, his acting was not particularly amazing. It was really good, maybe not Oscar worthy, so I can see why the young fellow from The Theory of Everything won. He did a great acting job; however, if this was a popularity contest, I'm pretty sure Michael Keaton would have won. He should do more comedies, like Beetlejuice. He was so good in that. I mean, honestly, what would you rather watch 100 times over, The Theory of Everything, or Beetlejuice? I rest my case. 

I liked Boyhood, I would have liked to have seen it win for something other that best supporting actress. Plus, how did Patricia Arquette get in a category for best supporting? Who, if not her, was the lead? That was random. 

Best moments of the night was the dude shunned by the orchestra, only to completely ignore them, and for one brief instance, the orchestra stopped. Pretty awesome. However, he then ran on a bit too long. 

Lady Gaga -- amazing. 

I loved Michael Keaton at the podium when Birdman won for best picture. Super classy. Love him. Come back to us, Michael Keaton ... come back to us. 

Oh, I liked the Lego movie song. That was fun. 

Magic box? Stupid. 

I liked the Whiplash best support actor guys acceptance speech. That was good. I don't need to hear people thank 1000 people I don't know. Besides, when you do that, chances are, you are leaving someone out. 

A negative for me, and other television cord-cutters is that you could only stream the Oscars if you have
a cable subscription AND are in one of the 8 markets that ABC contracts with. A bunch of shit if you ask me. I had to watch the Oscars this morning and go on a total media blackout. Thanks stupid ABC. I put you int he category of shit stations right along with CBS and their Grammy shit-show. Get in the modern timeframe already. Seriously. 

Well, there is always next year. Well, and the year after that. Let's give Michael Keaton a year to make a movie so he can then win in 2017. 

Until then, I'll be watching Mr. Mom. 

P.S., apparently, this post is more about my love for Michael Keaton than the Oscars. That's okay; apparently, I am not alone. The internet is bubbling over with Michael Keaton accolades. All very well deserved. 

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