Monday, February 9, 2015

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Last night, my friend called me and wanted to chat about an online dating site that she was using. We talked a bit about the boys who were messaging her, what they looked like, and shared pictures back and forth. It was really, really fun.

At one point, she asked me, are you watching the Grammys?

I said no, but if she told me what channel it was on, I would. She wanted me to check out Madonna, and I wanted to see. It would be one more way to hang out, watching the Grammys, even though we couldn't be in the same town.

However, I live in San Diego and have zero money. I can't afford cable so I bought a pretty decent antenna and I can get NBC and FOX. I can't get ABC or CBS. I guess no one in San Diego can get a signal for CBS.

So I went to CBS's website to live stream it. They would not let me live stream it.

It is so irritating.

CBS also does not partner with Xfinity/Comcast on their streaming service. CBS is so greedy, they want you to purchase some type of expanded streaming coverage for more money a month.

I refuse.

If I want to watch a program on CBS, I have to wait a full week for them to make it available. That's ridiculous. Have you seen their program lineup? I wouldn't be so unwilling to let people watch your shows for free.

Even AMC, one of the best cable networks around, lets you watch their shows the next day. If you don't recall, they make Mad Men, The Walking Dead, and, previously, Breaking Bad. They will be putting out Better Call Saul, and if it's made by the same people, which it is, it ought to be really good.

Who could even compare AMC to CBS?

So back to the Grammys. It's not such a big deal for a program, honestly, I don't watch any of their shows except Big Bang, and I can fully wait a week to see that.

It's a much bigger deal when it is a live event. Like NFL. Also, as was the case last night, the Grammys.

I know they have advertising problems, in regards to cable versus online, and businesses are trying to navigate those issues, but the world needs to catch up. Advertising can just as easily be sold online for a live streaming event as it can watching it through cable.

Shame on CBS. That was just ridiculous.

I would have liked to have shared that event with my friend. CBS, you created a situation where two longtime friends of ten years were unable to share the Grammys together.

Shame on you and your greed.

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