Monday, January 19, 2015

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If you are a Packers fan, like I am, you're still in shock. You wouldn't let yourself get excited after the first half. No. There was way too much football left.

Then, there was the third quarter. No, we didn't score any points in the quarter, but the only touchdown we allowed Seattle was on special teams.

I started to let myself smile a little bit. Going into the fourth quarter, I was feeling very cautiously optimistic.

We opened the fourth quarter with a field goal (really, the GB MVP of the game was Mason Crosby). I was a bit nervous, so many field goals.

Our defense held somewhat well and after a 4 minute drive; Seattle had to punt.

Sadly, we went three and out.

I was nervous. How did we not capitalize on running the clock down? That drive only took 1:40 seconds off the clock. Were we going to mess this up?

Then, a miracle. We intercepted the Hawks! We actually got the ball back with only 5:04 left on the clock.

Then our team took a collective dump.

We somehow managed to go three and out, handing the ball off to Lacy each time for losses of yards. What were we thinking? On third down, we need to move the chains. Why not put the ball in the hands of the MVP candidate?

We gave the ball back to Seattle.

They score.


Onside kick time.

I'm not even worried that Bostick let the ball right through his hands, essentially missing the opportunity to close out the game with a Packers win. Shit happens.

They score again and our defense can't stop them.

Then, to me, the ultimate fail. On a broken two point conversion, Wilson somehow manages to get the ball off. It hangs in the air for what seems to be an eternity. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix watched it. He made no attempt to go for the ball. To bat it down. Nothing.

That is why we lost the game. Everyone can leave poor Bostick alone. He is a tight end and why McCarthy put him in there made no sense. Plus, those plays are such a mess, it's anyone's shot.

We lost the game because in the last five minutes of the game our offense could not get anything done. I honestly don't care about the field goals instead of touchdowns in the first quarter. What it really came down to was motivation. With five minutes left we were so afraid of losing our lead that we did nothing to ensure that Seattle did not get the ball back.

Our offense has been so killer all year long and we got away from our identity. That was dumb.

Our defense had a mental lapse at the end. Sadly, that is also Dom capers fault. Also, why on Earth after pressuring Russell Wilson the entire game did we let up off of the gas peddle. It worked. The man through 4 interceptions. Not sure why you move away from that.

I have said it before and I will say it again. Bend not break defense mentalities do not win games. They certainly do not win championship games.

I'm not sure how we come back from this. I don't think that we will fire Dom Capers as we played well enough to make it to the NFC Championship game and won the game for 4 3/4 of the game.

Our season next year will be tough. Chicago cleaned house and now has Coach Fox. The Vikings are well on their way to being a good football team. The Lions, they have it in them to win games. Our division plays the NFC West again this year. Yikes.

We need to do better. This was our shot this year and we blew it. The Colts clearly didn't deserve to win. They didn't blow it. They just lost.

We blew it and there is a huge difference.

Until next year.

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