Monday, January 5, 2015

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I just finished season 1 of Orange Is The New Black on Netflix.

I must admit, I was a little hesitant to get into a show written by the same man who wrote Weeds. Weeds ended horribly. That last season was so terrible. It made me not want to invest my time in another one of his shows. So I hesitated.

So far, it is really good!

I'm pleasantly surprised as I have been blowing through a bunch of television shows lately trying to find a good one. I tried Lisa Kudrow's Web Therapy -- that is awful. I sort of enjoyed Matt LeBlanc's Episodes. I watched all three seasons, even though the last season was so-so. I will say this, Episodes is heads above Web Therapy. I do not know how Web Therapy is still on the air. I also tried HBO's Hello Ladies (really terrible) and Family Tree (just never came back to it after the first episode).

So, I thought, why not? I will try OITNB.

Yes, it was worth it.

The main character is a narcissistic, uptight, thinks she is better than thou, and does not know when to shut the fuck up. The not shutting the fuck up is what gets her into the most trouble.

Which is also when it is hard to suspend belief.

There are times in the show, when you are like, why is she talking? Stop talking? You are only making matters worse! No one on the planet would act like this woman. No one would make the decisions that she makes.

So, although Piper is the main character of the show, and it's anchor, I watch the show because of the supporting cast. The casting was fantastic. The writing of the other characters is amazing. I love seeing how they tick, and, more importantly, why they act in the manner in which they do.

The fiancee is so annoying it's almost unpalatable. Jason Biggs seems to be equally annoying on screen as he is in real life. I also have no idea why the character Piper would even be with him. It makes zero sense. If he fell off a cliff, I'd be so happy.

The character Crazy Eyes is good, but not as awesome as what I heard from the media.

All in all, I say give this show a chance. I am beginning the second season, and I must say, looking forward to it.

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