Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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This week I will be talking very briefly about the "deflategate" issue.

Quite frankly, I'm tired of hearing about it. The thing is that it had no impact on the Colts game. You don't win by that large of a margin based on the inflation of the ball. I don't care how many PSI's there are, or, are not in the ball.

The larger scope of it is that I read an article stating that starting in 2007, the Patriots had a large statistical difference in the numbers of fumbles that they had. The statistics were so large of a difference, it is really hard to dispel that something wasn't going on. Now, if that is in relation to them changing pressure in the ball, that is the real story. However, I have not heard that this is what the NFL is going after.

Because of this, the NFL needs to wrap this up. The Super Bowl is this Sunday and the Patriots are having to deal with this scandal at a time that is very ill-timed. They need to be focusing all of their attention on the big game, not this.

Another point of order is that it will probably just be a fine. Marshawn Lynch has been extensively fined this season for a numerous array of things, from crotch grabbing, to not speaking with the media, and, almost, for not wearing league approved shoes. If that is the case, and there is only a fine, then just make it happen already.

As for the timing of it, that's what really bothers me. All of this is such a distraction and the NFL is dragging their feet. Whether or not you believe Belichick in his conference is a moot point. The point is, the Patriots did an internal investigation and found their results. Why is it the league can not do their own investigation in a timely matter? Resolve this already. If the Patriots do lose in the Super Bowl, myself, and others, will point to this distraction.

I'm not saying that the Patriots shouldn't be punished if it truly is found that they tampered with footballs. However, I think that this is getting out of control and too big of a distraction for what is a very huge deal in the football world, what everyone works toward, and what all fans cheer their teams on for the Super Bowl.

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