Monday, January 12, 2015

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The Cowboys versus the Packers game this weekend did not disappoint! It was action-packed and a very tight game.

The Cowboys offense had a three and out on the first series, but then got hot after that. The first drive for the Packers saw us get 7 points, which was thrilling, and a bit nerve-wracking as Aaron was not moving very well in the pocket. Fans were wondering if that was going to be our only score of the day.

It was not, thankfully. The first half saw the Cowboys miss a field goal, which allowed us to come back onto the field and obtain a field goal of our own. Going into the half it was 14-10 Cowboys in the lead.

The second half is when the Packers shinned. With the exception of an extremely costly penalty by T.J Lang when we were in scoring position, we did a great job. Defense held the Cowboys and Rodgers became more mobile in the pocket. The defense held Murray and Bryant to very limited yards and our offense stepped it up, including some very important catches by Adams and a spectacular one by Cobbs at the end of the game.

I'm extremely proud of my Packers. They had a great game plan called by Mike and was executed very well by the players. I must admit, Dom capers also did a great job with his play calling.

Oh, and I love you Julius Peppers.

My game balls go to Adams, Cobbs, Peppers and Rodgers.

Good luck next week Pack against the Hawks. Heal up Aaron and have a fabulous nest

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