Monday, May 26, 2014

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Mad Men was excellent last night. I thought the whole episode was done beautifully.

There has been a lot of chatter about the hidden meaning behind Waterloo and whether or not this means that Don's return to form is only temporary. Honestly? The writers can write it anyway they see fit, so I won't speculate. I'll just appreciate this episode. One day at a time, right?

I thought the scenes, as always, between Don and Peggy are brilliant. Don is completely generous and unselfish in wanting to see his protege succeed on the burger account. Knowing he might not even be at the company, he gives Peggy the opportunity to present. This is huge. She presents despite the great Don Draper being available. She is her own woman. Her fears of never being able to leave Don's shadow are now over. She is valuable in her own right.

It's also nice to see Peggy in a good working relationship with her boss and mentor. For all of the fighting against Don's return, Peggy comes out on top. He, as always, is the one there for her, cheering her on, and paving the path for her. He truly has paved every path for her. Was she always talented enough to do it? Of course. But in the late 60's, as a woman, it would have been difficult. This is no less apparent than with Lou Avery. Lou still sees her as less, as just a woman, as only needing her presence when it suits his needs, for his ends. Don, for all of his shortcomings, is near perfect when it comes to Peggy.

I love the scene where she only gets two beers. One for her, and one for Don. Very fun writing.

Peggy's scene with the young boy was so touching. On the opposite side of her life, Peggy's personal life, it's a mess. She has no one in her life. The boy, which makes her out to be pathetic, is leaving. I, for one, don't think of their relationship as pathetic. Peggy needs this boy, and this boy needs her. Yes, Peggy doesn't have a lot going on in her personal life, but this connection, on it's own, is beautiful. She realizes it, too. It's written more from the standpoint that she is pathetic, and now she loses even this personal connection. However, it is striking that she is so taken aback by his moving on. Perhaps she didn't want this connection before, in giving up her baby, but she wants it now. It's okay to figure things out later in life Peggy. You still have time!

As for Don, there was a lot that went on. I am grateful that with all the back and forth with Megan, the show didn't spend anymore time on that.  Honestly, I thought it was over and done with weeks ago. Glad that the nail is finally in the coffin.

Roger creates a big shake-up in order to keep Don, which was inspiring. I hope it works out. What was great, was seeing Don back to his old, self-assured, confident self. He sat in the meeting with an air of authority. He looked to be himself. It was wonderful. I hope he can keep it that way.

Ha, ha, Harry. You lose!

And, now, a couple of my own issues with this show. How is it that Ted can nearly kill his clients, but he has no repercussions, and Don only terribly botches a pitch, and he is crucified? Also, on Ted, he, too, is a womanizer. He got with Peggy. OUR Peggy. Shouldn't the firm be mad about that?

Also, we all always hated Pete for being so slimy. So, how is it that Joan seems to be as slimy, or more so, than Pete? Her arc is not a pleasant one.

Also, for all of Don's horrible fails on the home front, how is he that terrible at work? He's a great pitch guy, takes Peggy under his wing creating a whole world for her, saves Peggy when she doesn't even realize she is pregnant, tries to keep Joan from whoring herself out for a partnership ... I, mean, really? Joan has turned into an ungrateful person. Bert tries to explain this to the viewers by saying Don cost her a lot of money, but, is that enough to throw Don under the bus? Perhaps when the viewers, like me, defended her actions to get the partnership, saying she wasn't a whore, were actually wrong? She just wanted the money, no matter what. Integrity be dammed. Integrity would have kept her on Don's side.

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Monday, May 19, 2014

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Everyone said last week that Peter Dinklage's speech would win him an emmy. I disagree. Not with the fact that he is going to win an emmy, but, it won't be for last week's performance.

It will be for this week's. 

When Prince Oberyn told Tyrion of how they once met, when Tyrion was a baby, and how mean Cersei was to him even then -- it was heartbreaking. It solidified every fear that Tyrion has ever held deep down inside. That no matter what, Cersei will never love him. That she will, in fact, always hate him. Simply for being born. For being the reason their mother died. He already unnecessarily blames himself, but to have that weight on his shoulders is clearly a lot to manage -- and Peter Dinklage acted this scene beautifully.

He also has his champion!

I thought the scene between Tyrion and Jaime was also excellent. The bond between them is clear, and goes beyond all the palace intrigue. They may do unspeakable things, but when it comes down to it, they are family.

I thought this scene beautifully partnered with the scene between The Hound and Arya. The Hound is not most hurt by his face, but that it was done by his brother, and this father didn't stick up for him. The wounds our own family inflicts are the worst kind. Simply because they are supposed to be the ones that hurt us the least.

I think we all can appreciate this in real life.

Backtracking a little bit, I also liked the scene between Bronn and Tyrion. I don't blame Bronn. I thought his reasoning was just. I haven't read the books, so I don't know what will happen between them, but I feel in my heart that if (and I'm pretty sure they won't kill of everyone's favorite character) Tyrion lives, Bronn and Tyrion will be just fine.

I loved this episode and can't wait for next one.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My "Game of Thrones Thoughts" blog thanks to GoDaddy coupon 199scott

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I was a little delayed in watching Game of Thrones this week, but boy was I impressed when I did.

My husband saw it before me, as he was in Michigan for his nephew's open house. He wasn't as impressed, he felt like not much happened.

I completely disagree.

I love Tyrion. So much. He gets shuffled to his trial by Jaime, who is visibly upset that this is happening to his brother.

Tyrion looks almost passive during his trial, knowing there isn't much he can do about it. Jaime can't stand it anymore, watching his brother get setup. So Jaime goes to his father, the master manipulator,  and asks to strike a deal to save Tyrion's life. Tywin had expected this would happen all along, and too readily agrees. Jaime knows now that this whole trial has been to get Jaime to do what Tywin wants.

Jaime tells Tyrion that there is a deal, Tyrion agrees ... until Shea. It's too much. This was the scene that was so great. He doesn't care anymore about striking a deal. All he wants is to stick it to his father. His father is NOT going to get what he wants.

Absolutely fantastic!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My "Game of Thrones Thoughts" blog thanks to GoDaddy coupon 199scott

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Game of Thrones this week was pretty good, not the usual fast-paced thrill loaded episode that I usually expect, but very good none-the-less.

What we did learn this week was a lot about Littlefinger. The pilot of the show opens with Robert Barathon's Hand of the King, Jon Arryn killed by poison. THAT Jon Arryn is the husband of Lysa (who is Catelyn Stark's sister). That is what caused Robert to ask Ned Stark to be his new Hand of the King. From there, it all went downhill.

That, my friends, was all orchestrated by none other than Littlefinger.

That's huge.

On to poor Sad Sansa. Once upon a time, all she wanted to do was get married. She would chatter away like a school girl about it. Well, Sad Sansa, you are suddenly aware that your whole role in life seems to be getting promised off to marry other people without even the slightest bit of your consent. Joffrey was obviously the worst, but this little bugger? He can't be far off. The new plan is for her to be married to her aunt's son, Robin. Oh, Lord. From one crazy to another.

As always, the show is very good. I'm hoping we get a little bit more of Jaime and Tyrion Lannister next week, as they are so deliciously amazing.

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