Wednesday, December 3, 2014

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This episode, Coda, was very good. I love the new Rick. Back in the day, the writers made me wish someone would just kill him off. Now, I love him. He isn't taking any shit from anybody.

This is behind the opening sequence. Rick tells the cop that runs to stop. He even tells him last warning, but the cop keeps going. I love that he kept his word. It's like parenting, what you say has to be backed up. There is no room for errors.

People might think this is harsh, but it's a harsh world now.

As is the demise of Beth. Rick wanted to go in stealth. The others, holding onto still wanting to try and humanity, wanted to give the people the benefit of the doubt. However, these people are holding one of yours captive. There is no room for error. Rick's way is the new way. He had to come to terms with it, so does everyone else.

Rick is, in my opinion, still acting humanely. He asks, and means, that if any of the hospital group wants to join him, they can. He protects his own. They did not protect their own when they brought in the hostages.

However, one could ask, the group did save the lives of the other officers in the exchange. That was a good thing. However, they still lost Beth, and that comes first. The officers were still aware that they were holding people prisoner. To be slave labor. That isn't right.

Like others on blog posts, I think Beth acted impulsively and that got her killed. Bad idea when she was finally coming into her own.

I would have liked to have seen how new, strong Beth would have integrated into the group.

One of the best seasons so far.

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