Monday, December 22, 2014

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This is the most current playoff picture (thanks NFL). All I have to say is yikes! Nobody wants to see the Seahawks have home field advantage throughout. That is a scary, scary place to have to go to in order to win.

Whomever plays the Hawks next needs to do the world a favor and give the Hawks a loss. Nobody wants to have to go through there. If the Lions proceed through the playoffs and the Packers do not, then I would wish it for them as well. However, not the 'boys. I hope the Hawks smear the gridiron with them.

I really do hope that we win the Lions vs Packers game next week. Then, hopefully, someone else can take care of the Hawks for us.

Oh, man. I really, really wish we hadn't lost to the stupid Bills now. That loss mucked-up the works.

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