Monday, November 17, 2014

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This episode was called Consumed.

It focused completely on Daryl and Carol. It was actually a very slow episode for two beloved characters.

It kept touching upon what the new world will be, and who they were in their previous lives. I kind of feel like we have already explored this too many times for this episode to be of any merit.

Wasn't there anything else that could have happened in the episode? We already knew that Carol was abused. One can guess that she may have tried to leave him before. We knew that she had a strong arc on the show from weak to strong. This episode told us nothing new.

We knew Daryl had a troubled relationship with his brother. That's what made the story arc between him and his brother in season's past so great. That's what Merle's death so impactful. The guy was a jerk to him, but he was still his brother. Plus, at the end, Merle gave his life for his brother.

One other issue.

There are only two cars on the road. One is Daryl and Carol's car. The other, the crazy hospital car with the lady cop in it.

A cop.

She doesn't notice her car is being followed?

Stop it.

Yet, the way they get discovered is because Noah fires a gun in the building over?

Just dumb.

This episode was one of only a few missteps the show has had. However, this one was a doozy.

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