Monday, November 10, 2014

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Wow! What a week of The Walking Dead. This week's title was Self-Help.

I should preface this column with the fact that I do not read the comics, so I did not know for sure what was going to happen.

However science guy was always, clearly, not a science guy. First of all, Eugene's story really didn't add up. Why wasn't he already in Washington if he knew about how to cure it? He said he was on some panel or what not, so why wasn't he already there? Didn't make sense.

Plus, the other thing is, our Scooby gang was already at the CDC. They had scientists working on it there. Wouldn't rick and the rest of the group who lived through all that realize that those two parties kinda woulda talked? If someone in the CDC knew something, Washington would for sure know. However, I could potentially see that if it was a biological weapon maybe at first Washington wouldn't tell the CDC, but after the situation got out of hand and bombing started to occur, of course the two would communicate.

That's why this just never made sense.

I'm wondering if Carol had more time with science guy if she would have figured it out.

As for the scene when Abraham nearly, or maybe did, kills Eugene, good for him. You just don't do that. Again, it goes with the new morality. Can you kill a person? Yes, but it has to be for a good reason. In my mind, people are risking their lives for this man. Everyone in Rick's group knows why they are there and what they are fighting for. It's not fair to not know what you are fighting for. Yes, everyone has done something to stay alive. However, just because Eugene did not use a weapon himself does not mean that he did not kill people. Eugene used people as pawns for his own gain. I think that is one of the unwritten rules, you do not use people without their knowledge. The priest was being scrutinized by Rick because Rick knew he had a secret -- he even says something to the effect of we've all done something. Somethings, like cannibalization and using people as patsies, are unforgivable. How many people died because of Eugene? Even if he lives, and the group forgives him, and he does something to redeem himself, it doesn't matter to me. He crossed the line.

Another thought on poor Abraham. He became what he needed to for his family and his family abandoned him. They weren't ready for the violence the world became and it cost them their lives. Abraham blames himself. That's understandable and too bad all at the same time. However, the hope the Eugene gave Abraham that kept him going, kept him focused had a huge impact on his survival. Clearly, he would have killed himself. I think, if given the right amount of time on that dirt road, Abraham would have again killed himself.

I do think it was very, very smart of Eugene to see the dog tags, and deduce what this man needed to hear in order to keep him (Eugene) alive. I think it was the dog tags. I'd love to know what you think.

Those are my thoughts on TWD. I hope you liked them.

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