Sunday, November 2, 2014

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This week's episode called Slabtown was excellent!

I really could not believe that the episode was over! I felt like it went by so quickly! Which, in a way, is kind of surprising for me. Beth is not one of my favorite characters. However, the pacing of this and the story development was just awesome!

It was fun to try and figure out what the angle was of the people in the hospital system. We really are a jaded bunch aren't we? But why not! They won't let her leave! Then we come to find out that she can stay if she pulls her weight and basically prostitutes herself out? Gross!

Our girl Beth though is definitely one of the Scooby-do gang now! She handled herself throughout the entire episode with smarts, wit and cunning. Beth's time with Rick and company definitely prepared her for an event such as this.

The best part of the episode was watching Beth smile, despite the fact she got caught, because her young friend made it out okay.

Episodes like this is when TWD is at it's finest. Good character development. Here, a character who is not a super big draw for the show, is now on everyone's mind. We now root for her as if she were our own friend, our own sister, or our own daughter.

Only question I have is did Carol let herself get caught so she could save Beth? Me thinks so. I also think that Noah is the one that Daryl is escorting out of the woods. Yet, that seems a little far fetched as I doubt Daryl would just let Carol go in on her own. Plus, the only way for Noah to be with Daryl would be if Carol and Daryl saw the two youngsters escaping together. All I know is I can't wait until next week!

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