Monday, October 20, 2014

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I just finished watching TWD. The episode titled "Strangers" was a good one. However, I do have some problems with it.

I get that we are going to be debating this season what's too far and what's still within reason, morally speaking. That's fine. The problem I have is the changing arc of everyone's characters.

Rick has been annoying for so long because while everyone else "got it', Rick was always lagging behind. Always with the is this right? Should I be a farmer and just opt out? Then kicking Carol out of the group (smh). Well, as the seasons progressed, Rick painfully became aware that this is the world we live in. He even states it in this episode to Bob -- something along the lines of, "this is reality" to Bob's "this is a nightmare and nightmares end".

I'm annoyed because why are we even having this discussion? It's painful. Bob being so gleeful and hopeful? Annoying, but he can be happy, that's fine. Yet, to be thinking at this point that this isn't reality, is just plain stupid. Be happy finding the joy in the world, but know what your world is.

Michonne is the best. She doesn't think of the past. This is the new reality. Doesn't mean she doesn't miss Andrea. She misses what has happened since the apocalypse. She does not dwell on how things should be in relation to the old world.

Carol going to a place now where she doesn't trust herself is simply idiotic.

Carl is the worst. He goes from sweet. To being okay with killing Shane. To knowing he has to kill people or be killed. To hating his dad. To now being wishy-washy about finding the good in people and all people can't be bad?

This is like the stupid nature-versus nurture argument. Can't it just be both?

Not killing the people at the sanctuary is stupid. They don't deserve to live is absolutely reasonable. Going back and killing them is not reasonable because it puts your group in unnecessary harms way.

Yes, sometimes the lines are going to be blurred, but I think most of the time they would not be. If someone threatens you, they die. Simple. If people eat other people, they die, simple. Don't know if this priest is telling the truth? Perhaps hold off. Not hard people, not hard. Let people out of trapped boxcar? Yes. Kill the governor? Yes. Forgiving the girl from the governor's group because she made a mistake. Yes.

Ask me another, I bet I get it right.

I beg of you to not let Rick go back to questioning who he has become. He is their leader. He is doing a great job. His story arc at least keeps pushing forward. The others and the back and forth is awful. This is your world. This is what you have seen. Haven't we left the delusions behind after the governor? After Andrea made terrible mistakes in that regard? After having to kill your own mother? Almost losing Judith? What about for the rest of them? The list goes on and on...

I hope this doesn't go too off the rails.

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