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This is not a recap, this is my thoughts on the show. It's for those who have watched.

Our Scooby-doo gang have found themselves in quite the pickle. I think the way the show opened was great. I mean, right to the action. That was perfect. I loved how beat up the group looked. Great job by the makeup department. It looked real. It looked like sweat dried upon sweat. I really liked it. I liked how even Daryl looked nervous, and why not? The shits going down!

What I did not like about this scene was something I found out later, after googling. I've watched every episode of the series, so I'm not oblivious. I kind of knew the guy at the end of the trough was important, but I didn't know how or why. It was only after I read online that it was the guy from that couple Rick and Carol had met. The ones that they gave the watch to and told them to meet them at a specific time? Well, we saw his girlfriend, Ana being devoured by walkers, but we never saw Sam, until the moment at the trough.

I guess maybe there should have been something more defining to Sam, because I did not know who it was until I sought it out on the internet.

Now I know, later, when Carol picks up the watch, she recognized it as the watch they gave Sam.

(FYI, in between writing this blog, I just watched The Talking Dead and people in the audience didn't know either, so I feel better)

It seems a little cliche that Glenn is saved at the last second. I would have liked to have seen this done a bit differently, so it was not so much knick-of-time. Also, the double fake-out didn't help either.

This brings us to Carol. Her story arc has been absolutely one of the best. She was an abused wife who could barely speak up for herself and is now such a warrior. She gets kicked out of the group by Rick, who thinks her killing of the group members went to far. Now, Rick is of the same mindset, realizing sometimes you have to make the hard choices. It's also interesting to note here, that Rick's arc is always a bit delayed from others. He comes to conclusions much slower than say Shane, Andrea, or Carol.

Speaking of Rick, I like this new Rick.  He is the guy I would follow. He makes hard choices. He knows how to handle himself in a fight. He is there to protect the group first and foremost. I wouldn't follow a guy, like he was before, who was so wishy-washy he couldn't make a decision because he didn't know if it was right. A guy who would wonder if it was morally okay to kill someone, even though they are trying to kill you.

The world has changed buddy, glad you are all caught up on that.

Which leads me to my next thoughts.

In some regards all the characters on the show have had to change their moral compass. What is too far? What needs to be done? What is, under these new rules, morally okay? No, this isn't the same society, and people will have to be killed, but coming up with reasons for and against are becoming more murky. Remember now, when the Governor killed that leader because he was going to make them all get killed? That was clearly the wrong choice to kill the guy, but taking him down as a leader would have been justified. Sometimes, you have to do what you have to do. Glen, stating that they had to let the people out of the cars was the right thing to do? Yes, that was the right thing to do. Killing the people at Terminus, in my opinion, was the right thing to do. Going back and putting yourself at risk to do so was not. You kill to stay alive. You do not go back and kill people for vengeance. Yet, it's a small, fragile line, because now you have to ask yourself, will those terminus people, shall they live, go on and do that again? That's not okay.

an oldie but a goodie
And finally, Tyreese. He doesn't want to be a killer. Yet, he has to be one. It was pretty awesome/awful to see him get to that conclusion by beating a mad to death with his bare hands.

I'm excited for this season. This is the best premier yet. Like other people, I was super expecting to be at terminus all season. I was very pleased to see us move quickly through that. Not because I didn't think terminus was a good idea, but because in life the terminus would have happened this way. They would be cannibalized quickly, or they would have tried to fight there way out. I liked it.

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