Monday, October 6, 2014

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This blog is made possible thanks to my addiction to television watching, love of scary television shows, and GoDaddy coupon 149scott.

I just finished watching the season finale of The Strain.

First off, I would like to say that I so appreciate the old man telling the little boy what was going on and challenging Eph to tell his son the truth. I mean, come on. How about inserting a little reality into a fake television show. If I had a son Zach's age, I would most certainly tell him everything that is going on in order to protect him. My God, vampires are afoot. It's not time to coddle.

The show kind of goes downhill from there, in my opinion. Eph and Vas find the liar where the Master is hiding out and at least they have a moment of clarity and go back to get the rest. They do, tow Zach along, and enter.

Honestly, why do the not buy more of the ultraviolet lights? My God, it works. They have time. Jeez.

Cut to the chase, they find the Mater and he is all by himself in an attic. Eph, old man, and Annoying Zach break all the windows, an bit too easily a might add. Really? This Master can't fight them better. SO random. Then the Master somehow winds-up outside and everyone just stands there, watching him. Cut his stupid head off people! What the hell!

No, the Master scurries away. God. They all deserve to perish.

After seeing all this, Zach, like an imbecile, fakes a damn asthma attack and the dumb-ass gang goes back to Kelly's house to get more inhalers.

Cut to an utter ridiculousness, Zach is faking to get a photo album. One, that's stupid. Two, that kid is, what, 9? All his pictures would be on a computer, not in a photo album.

Kelly is there, and Eph does not shoot her right off the bat. He does shoot out the glass, but Kelly just lurches away.

The show might be more stupid than the books.

Yet, I watch. I don't know what that says about me.

I hope in season two Zach isn't so doe-eyed. It kills me. Toughen up.

Thank God the show is over this season, it will give me a break from the just plain awfulness of this show. It will come back, again, when absolutely nothing is on to DVR and I will end up DVR'ing it again. Ughh.

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