Monday, September 22, 2014

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I must admit, I did not get a chance to watch The Strain yet as I have been binge watching Veep.

I totally understand why she keeps winning Emmys for her role.

What I like about the show is Tony Hale. He is so funny. I don't even mind that they basically took his Bluth character and gave him a job next to the vice president. I could watch Buster/Gary every single day of the week.

I love the reaction of Amy on the show. You just root for her even though she is pretty evil. You root for her because she is no where near as bad as Dan.

The one guy that is so perfect at being a chump is Mike. You vacillate between wanting him fired and hoping he gets fired so he doesn't have to put up with Salina anymore.

I love the fact that they have brought into the fold some of my favorite character actors. The boss from Office Space (Gary Cole) is in the show and I just adore him. I love Kevin Dunn.

I have deduced the reason we all like the show so much is because Salina says things that we wish we could say. She has no restraint. She swears like a truck driver.

I just hope that Gary gets truly recognized some day and that Amy becomes POTUS and Dan has to get Amy coffee. That Mike gets to have ducks with his new wife and that Jonah is forced to live with his mom.

I'm not sure where the relationship is going but I was loving Kent and Sue. I was literally smiling ear to ear every time those two had an interaction.

I have one episode left, the season three finale. Yay!

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