Monday, September 15, 2014

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Make-up artist should be fired. Looks like a mask over a dude's face.
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This week's episode is pretty representative on the books. It just lacks any imagination and highlights the fact that we really don't care. Oh, and the fact that Eph is super-duper annoying.

Outside of the books, this kid can not act and his candy cane attitude and big bright eyes of "where's mommy" is just f'ing killing me.

The end scene where he is looking at pictures of his mom, I'm just so sick of his naiveté that I want to shout at him "you stupid moron! Grow up! She's a vampire! Do you really think she can't return a phone call?"

But what do I expect from him? Like father, like son, as they say.

He goes out, albeit, I'll give him he started his search during the day and finds her phone. Okay. Then he goes back to the apartment, no ex-wife - fine. Now it's dark. What? You go to her friend's house? At night? Go in a basement where it is pitch black? No backup? His shit should have been killed for pure stupidity.

This is how people died in all the 80's movies. Maybe that's why people my age can't stand this shit. Because in the 80's when you went into a dark basement that you didn't even KNOW were filled with vampires, your shit got killed. Now, in the whatever it is we are calling ourselves now ...  20-fourteens, people can go into basements with 95.9% probability has vampires and their shit doesn't get killed? So freakin' stupid. Completely unbelievable.

Then Eph comes home, well, home-base to old man's weird lair. He proceeds to tell his son that he has not given up hope. FFS. Stop it already. This universe exists after Night of The Living Dead. After The Walking Dead. After 28 weeks later. After From Dusk Till Dawn, and every other vampire movie you have ever seen.

Get it together.

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