Monday, August 25, 2014

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So, yesterday was the final episode of the True Blood series. It's kind of something us fans have been waiting on for quite sometime, and I don't mean that as a compliment.

The whole season just really doesn't make any sense.

First off, you wasted our time with the Tara storyline. That was a fine storyline, trying to show us why Tara was always acting so tough all the time, because she always felt that she wasn't tough enough for her mom way back when. Wait, that wasn't such a great storyline at all, actually. Yet, it did not need to go on as long as it did.

What they could have spent that time on was truly developing the Jessica and Hoyt storyline. It's fine that they got back together, I actually really enjoyed that. Yet, the rush down the alter was way, way to rushed. If they had spent more time on the characters, that would have been great. I really liked how their arc has gone over the last few. The meeting up again, Hoyt being naturally drawn to Jessica, but the rush to the alter, Bill dying or not, was too much.

And the fact is too, Jessica just said how old fashioned she was. There wasn't a dress store in all of the town she could go to real quick instead of borrowing that ugly-ass dress from Sookie?

I did like seeing Jason and Hoyt together again. That was nice.

Also, why did we waste that whole bit on the new girl? So dumb.

As for Bill asking her to kill him using her big, bad light. Really? That seemed very selfish to me. Also, I'm 5'3". There is no way they a girl the size of Sookie could just drop a foot down on a shovel handle and break it. A little too unbelievable.

Also, why did Sookie have to kill him? Was it some stupid metaphor that Sookie had to kill the love between them? In a way, I hope that's what they were going for, because, otherwise, seems a little narcissistic of Bill. I mean, hasn't he been threatening to turn in to goo for awhile now?

I loved how Eric and Pam came out on top.

A small detail, but is there a cure for the vamps? Or are Eric and Pam selling new blood as a stop-gap to a cure. I'd kinda like to know.

Oh, well. I think that overall the ending was okay. It's just Sookie and Bill have been annoying for so long, it's hard to get all emotional over him dying. I mean, she just buried Alcide. The pacing was all a little off over the last seasons for this to truly be a tear-jerker.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

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I really liked this episode. It all has to do with character development and story arcs. Television is always at it's best when a storyline is followed from beginning to end. When what happens in between matters. When real relationships are born.

Eric and Bill were never friends. Yet, at the end of this episode, you have the distinct feeling they have become friends. They are sharing insights. They are being real together. It's great.

You know now that I think about it, the title of the show was Love is To Die. Maybe it should have been called Friendship, or maybe True Relationships. Arlene and Sookie have a friendship moment. They have always been there for each other. They lean on each other. Lafayette and James have a real friendship that has blossomed into love. They know each other. They want to be with each other. Same with Hoyt and Jessica, which was the greatest part of the episode. They aren't meant to be together because they were each other's first loves. I mean, that doesn't hurt. Yet, the reason they are together is because they matter to each other. At a deep level. Even with Hoyt not remembering Jessica, he is still drawn to her. It's beautiful. Their love is a love based on caring. On friendship. On a shared reality that they matter to each other. It's beautiful.

This was a beautiful episode. I look forward to the series finale next week.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

My "True Blood Thoughts" blog thanks to Godaddy coupon 199scott

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How stupid. Really? Bill won't take the cure. That's the dumbest thing I ever saw. Here comes Eric, to tell Sookie that he will be fine, the guy she should really be with, and she's picked Bill, again. It's the dumbest thing ever.

And, really? The Tara thing? THAT'S what we have spent all season watching and wasting time with? So freaking stupid. Tara can't be released until her Mom forgives her? So dumb.

This entire episode should have been called "Don't watch this, this is dumb."

The good? Eric is cured. Maybe Sookie can be hit by a car and Eric can move on with his life. The other? Hoyt. Hoyt and Jessica were very touching. Sometimes, you can't go back.

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Monday, August 4, 2014

My "True Blood Thoughts" blog thanks to GoDaddy coupon 199scott

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Season 7 episode 7. There are only three episodes left to go.

A couple of things. Kind of nothing happened. I mean really. With only three episodes left, I felt like we didn't move the story further ahead that much. Yes, Bill and Sookie sleep together. Big f'ing deal. We all knew that was coming. Did they really feel like the way to end the episode? Like it's some big reveal? Sookie just lost Alcide, what a few days ago? We knew she didn't love/LOVE him, but still. I know, I know, Bill is dying, and that will speed along any relationship. But, what about Eric? He was dying? Why not take him into the back room of Bill's house and have sex with him there? For old time's sake? Sookie is just awful. Just a completely awful person.

Also, how fast did her hair change to bright blonde again? Weird. Lazy writing, lazy attention to details. All so stupid.

Just end this series all ready.

And who cares about Tara!

I did like Jason (the actor in particular) being able to play a little dark in the Sara scenes. Pretty cool. I like the guy as an actor and his character on the show. Yet, please, stop looking and having sex with other people's girlfriends.

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