Monday, June 23, 2014

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True Blood is back on. While I'm happy to be visiting with old friends again, it seems a little blah.

First of all, there is a big blood bath in the beginning. Maybe it was just me, but I couldn't really tell what was going on with all of the speedy vampire movements and such. I had no idea who was being killed, who was who, and what was happening. There was no time for my brain to catch up with what it was seeing.

Maybe that's what they were going for, you know, due to the Tara thing. They say she is dead, but did we really see it? Did she run away? And didn't it seem like some higher up whistled for everyone to stop and return to the ranks?

Then we get Sookie. Poor, poor, Sookie. Who cares. She's all upset because somehow everyone is blaming her. First off, really? Why is this her fault? Seems like a bit of a stretch to me that somehow everything bad that has happened in Bon Temps is her fault. Wasn't Fangtasia already there when the show opened? It's not like she sent out invitations across the globe to vampires to come to her small, hick town to invade it and nest there?

Then there is Jason. I have zero desire or care about his relationship. While he is great eye-candy on the show, his plot line is ridiculous.

Back to Sookie. She's gonna be mad at Joe M for thinking that they should have left Bon Temps when they had the chance? That's hardly a negative thought. They SHOULD have left Bon Temps. That place is crazy. Plus, just on a human scale, why are they still there? I'd be pissed if she wanted to stay because of vampire Bill. I know, I know. That's her family house she is in. Her brother lives there. Tara the Terrible lives there. But, maybe it's kinda time, huh?

Jessica is still as beautiful as ever. Still looking for a friend in the world. I did like her plot line this week. That was good.

I do look forward to where this season will take us. I also kind of look forward to it being the last season, mainly so that it will wrap up some storylines and maybe give us a somehwat decent resolution to the series.

Oh, and maybe kill Sookie off. I'd love an end scene where they all sit around the kitchen table and was like, why did we ever bother with that girl!

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