Monday, June 16, 2014

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Wow! What a season finale of GoT!

I'm going to focus this blog on Tyrion. Peter Dinkalage is amazing. Simply amazing. If he doesn't win an Emmy this year, I'm pretty sure the entire thing is rigged.


His entire performance was spectacular. His hug with Jaime felt so perfect. So honest. So NEEDED.

When he walks into the room with Shea there, it was brutal. It was the ultimate betrayal. Not only did she go against him in court, she went against him with his own father. She became the whore he defended her as not being. She was one of the only people he loved, who he felt loved by. Feeling loved by Tyrion is his ultimate need. He does not give his trust freely, and she shit all over it. The only reason he sent her away to begin with was to protect her, because he actually loved her. Ugh. Awful!

The, the one man he strives to be respected by, to be loved by, to be accepted by, sleeps with her! Too much, even for our beloved Tyrion. Bye-bye daddy dearest.

The array of emotions that Peter Dinkalage displayed was amazing. Sometimes, you can go past suspended disbelief and just realize you are watching expert acting. I rewatched the scene between him and daddy-dearest a few times. It was that good.

Arya. You are one cold-hearted bitch. Really? You're soul is that lost that you walk away from the
Hound at that moment. He had no one else to sell you to. He was simply looking out for you. The oath that he lived by, which was life was cruel, he suspended for you. You went too far Arya, too far.

Was it just me, or did you not know who to root for in the Brienne vs Hound scenario?

Cersei. I don't trust that bitch. Jaime Lanniser, don't trust her either!

Bran = boring. And selfish. Really, all of that so you can walk. Dude, it's not in your cards.

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