Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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This week was all about Jon Snow. What an epic battle! There really isn't a lot of recap, since most of it was awesome fighting scenes. However, some important things did happen.

Jon Snow is still awesome. That's what happened. He was a leader, as always. I didn't read the books, so I'm not super sure who everyone is. That's the one bad part, and kinda good thing about the show, they don't spend a lot of time over-explaining who all the characters are. I like that, even though I'm at a disadvantage. Well, back to my point. Jon Snow killed a really big dude and it was awesome. He looked supremely manly doing it.

Then poor Ygritte. You really don't know what a hold he has on you do you Wildling? She can't kill Jon, and he looks happy to see her. Like, maybe they can work it out somehow? Nope. Remember the thing aboutlast week? Hope? Hope seems to be the curse of this show. If you hope for something, it will not come true, and in fact, will be your own demise. Bye-Bye Ygritte. The cosmically good thing about the death of Ygritte is that the boy who kills her? Well, I do remember Ygritte killed his dad, so there is that.

Oh, and since I  love dogs so much, yay Direwolf! He got in on it! 

So cool hour of GoT. It went by really, really fast. I liked it, but back to the intrigue! What WILL happen to Tyrion?

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