Tuesday, June 3, 2014

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That's a big guy
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I can't believe how they always do it! Game of Thrones toys with our emotions like none other.

Sansa stick ups for Littlefinger, which, is her way of learning. This is the enemy she knows. She knows what he wants. She's tired of the one being played all the time. Maybe we are done seeing Sad Sansa after all?

As for her sister, Arya ... poor Arya. She arrives at her aunt's house only to discover she is dead. This causes her to burst out laughing. It is funny, in a way. How could so many bad things happen to one little girl? Now the Hound will be stuck with her? Good for us viewers, as this is my favorite relationship.

And, of course, the reason for the episode. Tyrion, the fight, and his outcome.

I love how Jaime sat there, smiling, feeling so giddy that Oberyn bested the Mountain. Even Tyrion gave himself a brief moment of hope. As if he couldn't believe Oberyn was going to do it. DOn't these characters realize that hope is a frail thing? Oberyn gets cocky. He wants his confession. If he had just killed the Mountain when he had the chance.

Yet, no. Life in this land does not work that way. Oberyn meets a gruesome death. Tyrion is devestated, as is Jaime. Only evil dad and sister look on, pleased. If anything, they look more satisfied with the fact that Oberyn died from cockiness, as if it was the better treat. I guess, for them, it was.

I have not read the books, but I am so tempted to Google it. How will Tyrion get himself out of this? I hope he does. I love him. He is by far my favorite character.

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