Wednesday, May 14, 2014

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I was a little delayed in watching Game of Thrones this week, but boy was I impressed when I did.

My husband saw it before me, as he was in Michigan for his nephew's open house. He wasn't as impressed, he felt like not much happened.

I completely disagree.

I love Tyrion. So much. He gets shuffled to his trial by Jaime, who is visibly upset that this is happening to his brother.

Tyrion looks almost passive during his trial, knowing there isn't much he can do about it. Jaime can't stand it anymore, watching his brother get setup. So Jaime goes to his father, the master manipulator,  and asks to strike a deal to save Tyrion's life. Tywin had expected this would happen all along, and too readily agrees. Jaime knows now that this whole trial has been to get Jaime to do what Tywin wants.

Jaime tells Tyrion that there is a deal, Tyrion agrees ... until Shea. It's too much. This was the scene that was so great. He doesn't care anymore about striking a deal. All he wants is to stick it to his father. His father is NOT going to get what he wants.

Absolutely fantastic!

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