Monday, April 28, 2014

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Game of Thrones this week was good, as always. Maybe not the best one ever, but still, it's like pizza, even bad pizza is still pizza.

The best part of the program for me was anything involving Jaime Lannister this week. His send off of Brienne to save Sansa was amazing. He finally does what the show has been hinting at, applying the soul he rediscovered when captive to do good. He made an oath, and through self-discovery with Brienne, is going to follow through. It is why she names the sword the Oathkeeper. To honor Jaime Lannister. The respect between these two in this scene is immense. I love it. I love that Jaime is the antithesis of who he is with his sister Cersei. So touching.

The only other scene that I really liked was when Jaime went to go see his brother in the dungeon. That was good too. It showed that Jaime truly does care for his brother, and likewise. Good moment between them.

Oh, and the scene between Jaime and Bronn was really good too. I bet the scene where Bronn bitch-slaps Jaime will come into play later. I think it was an important lesson for Jaime to relearn to expect anything. It's not just a sword he will have to deal with if he is going to return himself to his full glory as a soldier.

What did you think of the episode?

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