Monday, April 21, 2014

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I love this show so much, it's ridiculous.

Tywin Lannister wastes no time getting to the new king, Tommen. Which, in this world, I can hardly blame him. Joffrey was such a mitigated disaster on all fronts, best wash their hands of it as soon as possible. They can hardly afford not to, there is evil everywhere in this world!

Jaime Lannister on the other hand, has had it with his sister-love. He forcibly takes her, which, is just awful. He is literally under his own son. There is so much dysfunction it is ridiculous. Yes, she's evil. Just walk away and go help your brother (someone has to) and leave her in her own misery. Don't become worse than Cersei.

Poor, poor Tyrion. He needs a friend. Everyone is out to get him. "They" are even after his squire. That was a great scene. That's all I have to say about that.

Arya and The Hound. Oh, how I love them. Just when Arya starts to let her guard down about The Hound, he goes on and keeps teaching her lessons about the cruelty of life. I love this plot line.

Want to know what plot line I give two shits about? Dragonstone. Stannis? Melisandre? Tell me when something happens. Something real. Davros -- we can keep him around. But no more than 2 minutes screen time, wait for it, until something actually happens.

Then on to the last plot point. Pretty overly dramatic, but hey, why not? Daenerys has her (not as good actor) love puppy fight the slave champion -- straight out of Troy -- instead of the whole army coming down for a fight. Okay, that was pretty cool. And then we are to wonder what she threw up at the elitist class and their slaves? Oh, slave collars. Hint. Hint .. . hey why don't you kill your owners for me? It's actually pretty smart. She doesn't have to lose any of her army. These slaves fight their owners, and then the best of the best that survive come marching along with her. Cool.

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