Monday, March 10, 2014

My "Start a blog today" blog thanks to Godaddy coupon sigler295

GoDaddy coupon code sigler295 is a wonderful coupon because it gets you a domain for $2.95.  

I love writing blogs, for so many reasons. It's cathartic, for one. You get to dump out all of your emotions for the day on paper. Every thought. Every feeling. Every almost decision. It's all there. What's really great, is it is documented. That means that you can look back on it someday, gain some perspective, and find meaning in it. Essentially, it's like a formal journal. 

That's the basis for my IHateMyBack blog. 

You can also make a blog entry more like a newspaper article. 

I love sports, well, mostly football, and NCAA basketball. March Madness to be specific. That's why every football season I write a blog that talks about football. My focus is on my beloved Green Bay Packers, but it is still football. It helps organize my thoughts. It promotes increased enjoyment of the season. It helps me with my water-cooler talk at work. 

That's my Eligiblereceiver blog.

I also have a blog that pertains to my writing. It is my primary hobby. I love telling stories. I love allowing myself, and my readers, a way to escape. 

That's my MadelineFresco blog. 

So, start your own blog today. As you can see, it can pertain to just about anything. Just use GoDaddy to start your blog, and, more specifically, GoDaddy coupon code sigler295.

That is my "Start a blog today" blog thanks to:
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