Monday, February 24, 2014

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This weeks blog about The Walking Dead is for the previous week, not the latest episode. I need to wait for the hubby to watch that one with him. 

Although, I think he is falling out of love with the show. 

I don't blame him. The show seems to drag now. I know they are trying to do more character development and all, but it just doesn't seem to be in a way that is intriguing. Lost was a show that did flashbacks and character development to a T. 

For example, I don't know why, but the scene with Daryl and Beth just didn't work for me. I know they were trying to show the fact that Beth was finally going to cry over something. I GET what they were TRYING to do ... it just didn't have the emotional impact that the writers, I guess, thought it would. So tell me, is it a writing issue? Is it and acting issue? Is it a directorial issue? Please! I want to know. 

The other thing is the big-bad this season. I wonder if this show, like so many others, just gets tiring after so many seasons. Remember Dexter? How great was the Ice Truck Killer! Super sweet, right? Then there was the John Lithgow character, Arthur Mitchell. Pretty awesome, right? Yeah, but then there was the Lumen season, and the Colin Hanks season ... yawn. You just stopped caring by the end. I sort of feel like that is what is happening now. They introduce that new character to Glenn and the new settlement to Carol, and we are just supposed to jump on this bandwagon of disbelief again? I'm not sure I really care anymore.

To prove my lack of interest, in a way, when Maggie went into the bus to find her boyfriend Glenn, I sort of almost wished he was just dead. I didn't care anymore. I also thought it was pretty unbelievable that she was just going to let one walker out at a time -- like anyone would do that in real life. No one thought that MAYBE the walkers might be too much for them to handle by just closing the door on them?  

You all have probably seen the next episode of The Walking Dead. I certainly hope that it improves from here. Otherwise, I'm gonna have to start watching a new show, like Orange Is The New Black. I hear that's good ... 

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