Monday, February 10, 2014

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Yesterday was the mid-season return of The Walking Dead. It started with the focus on three of the main characters, Carl, Michonne, and Rick. 

I had some problems with the character of Carl and the writing of him. 

First, I get teens are angry little buggers. However, Carl is not your normal teen. I can't believe that he would be so immature as to blame his dad for everything that has happened. This is the same kid who cries for his dad not to be the leader, then cries when he is. He's upset the Rick killed Shane, however, it was Carl who shot the zombie Shane - because he knew he had to. He did not afford his dad the same rationale? 

This seems implausible to me that a kid who keeps stating how grown-up his is, is all over the place. It'd be one thing if the writers consistently wrote him that way, but they don't. In some scenes he's strong and wiser than the adults, and in the next, he isn't. And it isn't character driven. It seems to be more of a lack of attention to what has already transpired in the past episodes. 

As for him walking backwards into a zombie? Unacceptable. I will leave it at that. 

I also had a problem with the inconsistencies in the show with the zombies. It seemed to me that the zombies are inconsistent. Really? That zombie in the upstairs bedroom couldn't get through that window while Carl was on the roof eating pudding? I don't buy it. 

As for Rick dying on the couch, or, as it turns out, not so much. I felt it slightly unbelievable that Carl couldn't shake his dad awake enough to even get a moan out of him. I also couldn't believe that with all the training Carol provided, Carl didn't even check for a pulse to confirm or deny that his father was dead. He just shakes him, stares at him, and walks away. I'm not buying it. 

I like Michonne, a lot. However, I'm a bit confused by the zombie pets. I get that if she has them with her, other zombies can't smell her, or maybe simply disregard her ... but from a reasonable distance. She was surrounded by zombies in a pack. Is it just me, or did she at one point have to rub some zombie blood on her to approach the gate with the infant formula when she was surrounded by zombies at such a close distance to keep them from being alerted to her presence?

So, mostly, I'm not buying that entire episode from a realistic standpoint. I expect more of a show. 

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