Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My "Final Super Bowl thoughts" blog thanks to Godaddy coupon sigler295

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The Super Bowl was so disappointing. For that to be the final game -- it was so sad. It was over after the kickoff return by Percy Harvin. It sucked all of the air out of my house, MetLife stadium, and every other house across America. I like to watch the Super Bowl by myself. This year? I so wish we had gone to a party. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I like a good defensive battle. Yet, a battle denotes a certain level of competition. There was no competition there. When Denver didn't get its first down until the second quarter, that means that there is no competition occurring. Every phase of the football game was terrible on the part of Denver. It was so frustrating. 

The San Francisco/Niners playoff game was so much more entertaining, even as a Pack fan who lost the game. coming down to a last minute field goal ... awesome! The Niners/Seahwks game was also way more exciting than the Super Bowl. If it wasn't for Sherman tipping the ball at the end of the game, it could have been a very different outcome for the Niners. 

This is part of the reason why I think they should not expand the playoffs. It was very discouraging to watch such a horrible football game. 

Some highlights of the game was the charm and enduring personality of Peyton Manning. As cocky as the Seahawks defense can be, a lot of their players in the post game interviews all mentioned how great they thought he was. In particular, Richard Sherman posted multiple tweets about how Peyton sought him out after the game to inquire how his ankle was doing. Richard Sherman could not say enough nice things about Peyton. 

And that's pretty cool. 

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