Monday, January 6, 2014

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I'm sad. 

My Packers are out of the playoffs already. 

They lost to the Niners. Again. 

However, the game yesterday was, dare I say, good? I mean, if it wasn't my team playing (I always want my team to win in a blowout), I would have actually enjoyed it. Turnovers, lots of sacks, close score ... it came down to the last possession. It was a really good game. 

However, I keep reading these articles online that say "we would have won if we had one more possession", or "we would have won if we had the final possession".

These were all in response to questions of "how did we lose the game?"

While I agree, if we had the ball one more time we could have won, I, too would like to know how we lost?

Was it that the offensive line in the first three drives didn't protect Aaron Rodgers? Was it the fact that James Jones returned to his earlier nature by dropping two exceptionally important passes? Was it the fact that the refs said that they would let them play, but then casually  decided when they would enforce it?

I love Eddie
Was it the fact that our defense held them in the beginning to field goals, but were inconsistent? Was it the fact that, realistically, the defense tdid do a good job and hold the Niners to 23 points, but that we couldn't put up our typically large numbers?

I love my Packers, I truly do, but I want answers. I want a better offensive line. I want way better defense. I don't want a bend not break defense. I want a Niners defense. Truly, the Niners have a great defense because at the end of the day, they were able to hold Aaron Rodgers, THE Aaron Rodgers to 20 points. 

Because, honestly, at the end of the day? We need to put aside the fact that we love our players. We love our coaches. 

The goal is to win. 

I think we can still have integrity. We can still have good guys like Jordy Nelson, like Aaron Rodgers, like Lacy, like Clay Matthews, like Mike McCarthy ...

But we can also tweak the system and get some players that are in there that withhold our integrity and character ... and our better suited to win.  

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